Delivering SMCR is an IT jigsaw.

We help you to find the right suppliers, choose the best solutions and put all the pieces in place.

Our Services.
Solution Finder

We capture your SMCR requirements and then use our market knowledge to produce a short list of matching vendors.

Solution Finder Plus

We produce a supplier short list and then facilitate the selection process until you have engaged with the right vendor.

How we work.

We work with our clients in the SMCR "sweet spot". Combining the knowledge of HR, IT and Compliance is the best way of making the right solution choices. 

We analyse and assess all vendor solutions using our tried and tested Four Pillars profiling.


What our clients have to say.

Andy Hunt, Head of Risk and Policy,
Wren Sterling

It is a real pleasure to work with a team that has such a deep understanding of our industry and the challenges we face.

Helen Vaughan, COO,
J O Hambro Capital Management

Very easy to work with, helping us to solve complex regulatory challenges with practical solutions.

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