Your challenge is to choose the right SM&CR software for your firm. It's not easy, there are more than 20 vendors, ranging from niche SM&CR specific, through to GRC and HR solutions providers. And this doesn’t include the option of adapting your current solutions to do the job.


here's how matchmaker works



We work with you to complete our SM&CR solution questionnaire to confirm and capture your solution and vendor requirements. 

We use our weighted scorecard to agree clear, consistent measures for assessing all vendors and their solutions.



We search our SM&CR solution vendor directory to find and agree an initial shortlist of suppliers against your SMCR requirements.

We produce a request for proposal (RFP) covering your solution and supplier requirements and issue the RFP to the selected vendors.



We work with you to review all proposals in detail against the weighted scorecard in order to select a final shortlist for demo presentations. 

We provide demo session agendas, organise the logistics and facilitate the sessions themselves to ensure a consistent evaluation.  



We document the outcomes of each demo and support you closely as you make your final decision and choose your preferred supplier. 

We produce a final vendor selection information pack that contains all the documents and evidence in support of your decision.

why use us

Decades of experience of managing software procurement
Deep regulatory knowledge of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime
Extensive and up to date research of the SM&CR vendor marketplace
A carefully designed procurement process that is both efficient and rigorous

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