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One meeting is all we need.

We will then produce a short list of SMCR IT vendors who best match you needs.
The Process

1.  Your requirements

We have one online meeting with you to complete our SMCR solution questionnaire and to capture your solution requirements. 

2.  Shortlist

We conduct a market search and then present back and explain our shortlist of suppliers chosen against your unique requirements. 

3.  Demos    Plus

We provide demo session agendas for shortlisted suppliers, organise the logistics and facilitate the sessions to ensure a consistent evaluation.  

4.  Selection    Plus

We produce a vendor selection information pack containing all the documents and evidence in support of your decision. 

why use us?

Decades of experience of managing software procurement

Deep regulatory knowledge of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime

Extensive and up to date research of the SMCR vendor marketplace

A carefully designed procurement process that is both efficient and rigorous
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