health check.


SM&CR solutions are complex and need to process a lot of sensitive data. You need to be certain that your solution is not leaving you exposed to regulatory risk and that it can adapt as the regulation is updated or as your firm's circumstances change. 


here's how health check works


decide scope

Firstly, we agree the scope of the SM&CR solution Health Check with you. The scope can be changed at any point.

The Health Check will cover some or all of these areas of your SM&CR solution depending upon your needs: 

  • Senior managers

  • Certification

  • Conduct rules

  • Breaches

  • Regulatory references

  • Whistleblowing



We agree with you the specific individuals within your firm who will participate in the Health Check process. 

Some clients prefer to limit the number of participants whilst others want to include a broader cross section from different areas of their firm.


Either way, it is likely that participants will include a selection of the following roles:

  • Candidates - members of staff subject to SM&CR

  • Line managers

  • Compliance

  • IT

  • HR

  • Board level

  • Legal



We review your solution ourselves and take the selected participants through our Health Check questionnaire that is based on our 4 Pillars Methodology. 

Our own review and the questionnaire cover the following:

  • Completeness of functionality

  • Ease of use including level of automation

  • Ability of the solution to capture all evidence needed to prove reasonable steps

  • Quality of MI and reporting

  • Security

  • Adaptability and scalability

  • Ease of integration



We gather and collate all the feedback from participants and combine it with our own findings to produce a rich and multi dimensional assessment of your SM&CR solution.

The findings are captured in a Health Check scorecard that covers:

  1. Benchmark scores for your SM&CR solution across all areas

  2. Specific points of weakness or risk in your SM&CR solution

  3. Recommended actions to remove risk and strengthen your solution

Our difference

Fast and efficient Health Check process that delivers practical recommendations
Scope of Health Check easily adapted to suit your needs
Peace of mind from knowing how your SM&CR solution compares to industry standards

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