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What are the top 3 challenges that your solution helps firms to overcome?

Challenges are:

- getting going
- stopping
- starting again

What are the risks to firms if they fail to tackle these challenges?

In my opinion the main risk is that the regulator will chase you down and cut you into small pieces.

I know this because I used to work on the dark side.

What makes your solution different from the competition?

We are very focused on usability and provide a lot of highly visual interfaces.

I'm a prospective client, explain (in simple terms) the typical buying process I can expect for your solution.

We begin with fact finding and then move on to deep dive.

How do you feel about the way financial services regulation is changing?

There will only be more and more regulation which means that firms need to have the digital tools to handle the information requirements placed on them by the regulator.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a firm facing today's regulatory landscape?

My own piece of advice to financial services firms facing the current regulatory landscape is that they should expect future rules to change more frequently and more rapidly.

Any solution/service development plans that you would like to share?

We are working on a lean, and economically priced version of our product aimed at smaller firms.


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