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Try our free Consumer Duty readiness scorecard

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Do you want a quick check on your firm’s Consumer Duty progress? Do you want to spot any gaps or weaknesses in your response?

Our online readiness scorecard could be the answer. It’s entirely free and all you need is around 15-20 minutes to answer 16 multiple choice questions. Complete the questions and you’ll get confidential results and recommendations instantly. You can find it here:

The readiness scorecard is based on our CD Control Room method, applying four tests across the four Consumer Duty outcomes. Many of our clients share the link with other stakeholders in their firm and ask them to complete the scorecard – they then compare the completed scorecards and use them to structure Consumer Duty planning meetings.

There is no fee for using the scorecard - our hope is that you find it useful and contact us to discuss the results in more detail.

We can help you:

  • Interpret the results

  • Build a Consumer Duty implementation plan on the back of the assessment

  • Introduce you to trusted 3rd party vendors who can bring specialist skills and technology to fill any Consumer Duty gaps.

Have fun completing the scorecard and I very much hope that we hear from you afterwards!

Best wishes,


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