Conduct success.


Measuring the success of your conduct rules training programme is not straightforward. It is relatively easy to show that you have delivered the training but much harder to measure the subsequent impact on behaviour and performance across your firm.

Conduct Success is a training course for HR and compliance professionals who want to measure and demonstrate the value of conduct rules training.  It teaches you how to use a range of metrics to measure the positive impact of conduct rules training on both individual behaviour and overall firm culture. 

The course.

Conduct Success is structured around two separate online training sessions each two hours long. 

  • The first session provides an overview of proven methods for measuring the effectiveness of your conduct rules training and your firm's adoption of a compliance culture.

  • In the second session delegates will apply the learning from Session 1 to build an SMCR Culture Scorecard for measuring the effectiveness of conduct rules training within your firm. 

Cost:  £500 per delegate


decide scope

Firstly, we agree the scope of the SMCR solution healthcheck. The scope can be extended at any point.

The SMCR solution healthcheck can cover some or all of these areas: 

  • Senior managers

  • Certification

  • Conduct rules

  • Breaches

  • Regulatory references

  • Whistleblowing



We agree the specific  individuals within your firm who will participate in the  healthcheck. 

Healthcheck participants can include:

  • Candidates

  • Line managers

  • Compliance

  • IT

  • HR

  • Senior execs

  • Legal



We review your solution ourselves and take the selected participants through our healthcheck questionnaire.

The questionnaire covers:

  • Completeness of  functionality

  • Ease of use including level of automation

  • Quality of MI and reporting

  • Security

  • Adaptability, integration and scalability



We gather and collate all the feedback from participants and combine it with our own findings. 

We produce a healthcheck scorecard that includes:

  • Benchmark scores across areas compared with firms similar to yours.

  • Any points of weakness or risk in your SMCR solution.

  • Recommended actions to remove risk and strengthen your solution. 

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