two heads.


As a senior manager accountable for delivering all or part of SMCR you are likely to face significant challenges, not least because your work will affect almost every part of your firm's operation, including areas where you have very little direct control. 

Two Heads is our coaching service that gives you access to SMCR experts who can help you find solutions to specific SMCR implementation challenges as they occur. You can choose the style of coaching to suit your needs, either a fast response question and answer service or regular, structured coaching sessions. 


two heads service options

Option 1  Fast Response Q&A


This option suits senior managers who have to deal with the complexity of SMCR on a daily basis and want quick turnaround answers to specific, practical questions.  It includes the following:

  • We will answer up to 6 SMCR related questions a month from individuals within your firm. 

  • Any nominated individual from your firm can ask a question

  • We will give you an email address to submit questions securely, we will reply by email with our answers and advice. 

  • We will attempt to answer your question within 1 working day. 

  • We also offer one iteration per question if further clarification is needed. 

  • Our terms of service ensure compliance with GDPR and confidentiality requirements.

Price:  Free of charge


Option 2  One to One Coaching

Our One to One coaching service works well for senior managers who are looking for regular, structured sessions that provide in depth advice and support whilst they face the challenges of implementing SMCR. 

Our One to One coaching includes:

  • A 1 hour free of charge introductory session to discuss your challenges, agree specific coaching objectives and to create a structured plan for any further coaching sessions.

  • Further one hour coaching sessions as planned and at a frequency to suit your needs. 

  • Cost per coaching session will depend upon the number of sessions planned. 

  • Periodic free of charge review sessions to assess the effectiveness of the coaching and to make changes if required.

Price:  Agreed fixed price for coaching programme

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