Match IT.


Your challenge is to choose the right SMCR software for your firm. This is not easy, there are 20+ vendors, ranging from niche SMCR specific, through to GRC and HR solutions providers. And this doesn’t include the option of adapting your current solutions to do the job.

Match IT breaks down the vendor selection process into 5 steps and allows you to select the steps that meet your needs. It reduces risk, saves you time and money and ensures that you have the SMCR software that matches your needs. 


How match it works

Clarify requirements

We send you our Match IT questionnaire which is designed to provide a foundation for the whole process. It captures your key requirements and priorities for an SMCR solution including aspects such as scope and functional requirements, fit with current architecture, IT standards and security, budgets and pricing goals.  

Review current systems

We review your current solutions to understand if they can be adapted to fulfil these requirements. Again, we will work closely with your IT department, often this step is not required as the decision has already been made to go to the market to look for a supplier. 

3  Create request for proposal

We create a Request for Proposal document to be provided to a shortlist of selected IT vendors. The RFP will include your technical requirements and may also, depending upon your IT governance processes, include information requirements around a supplier's business model, financial status, reference sites etc. 

4  Invite selected vendors

We already have extensive knowledge of the SMCR IT vendor marketplace, including the strengths and weaknesses of a wide selection of potential suppliers. This allows us to quickly assemble a short list of appropriate vendors who will be sent an RFP. 

5  Demos and final selection

We ensure the final selection process is objective and robust by basing it on a scoring system that we agree with you beforehand. We also remove all the hassle from this step by arranging demos, ensuring all post demo questions are answered and chasing down final proposals. 

Pricing options

Option 1  Fast track shortlist


This option suits firms who want a quick market search for the best match vendors. It includes the following:

  • We send you our Match IT questionnaire to complete.

  • We run a 1 hour meeting with you to review the questionnaire and clarify any points. 

  • We conduct a market search and select the three SMCR solution vendors that best meet your requirements.

  • We deliver a document with the details of those selected suppliers and our selection criteria based upon the information you provided in the initial questionnaire. 

Price:  Free of charge

Option 2  Modular selection

This option allows you to select the Match IT steps to suit your specific needs. Some clients want the full 5 step process whilst others are looking for specific help around areas like preparing a comprehensive RFP or reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of their current SMCR solution. 

We always start with an initial free consultation to assess where you are on the supplier selection journey and to agree which steps are best suited to your needs. This information means that we can then provide you a fixed price for that scope of work. 

Price:  Agreed fixed price


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